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Metrology Catalogue

  Terms & conditions


The current general commercial conditions are strictly applied to every product sold by Kalkum Ezquerra S.L. in the following countries: Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Romania, SlovaKia, Bulgary, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Esthonia, Lithuania. For other countries, please contact with our clients department in our email address ezquerra@kalkumezquerra.com.

Every purchase order sent to Kalkum Ezquerra S.L. constitutes Customer’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Deviating, conflicting or additional general terms and conditions will not be part of the order unless agreed to in writing by Kalkum Ezquerra S.L.


- Delivery time: within 2 weeks since the order is received, in case the material is not available in stock, the customer will be informed by e-mail.

- No material will be delivered on Saturdays, Sundays, local and Bank Holidays and also on holiday periods.

- The delivery deadline begins with forwarding the order confirmations and agreed payment is received by Kalkum Ezquerra S.L.


These costs will be paid by the customer and they will also be different depending on the weight, general sizes of the material or the country of destination.


- The goods are considered to be delivered when the material gets to its destination and the transport company delivery document is signed by the customer.

- The customer will be in charge of checking the material and he will also indicate any anomalies in the delivery note.

- Transport damages will immediately be reported by fax or e-mail after receiving the parcel.


The goods will be paid by credit cards.


Material refunds can be done within 7 days after the delivery date in the following cases:

1.- If the article is faulty or is not what the customer asked for. In this case, the transport expenses will be taken by Kalkum Ezquerra S.L.

All the refunds should be done with the original packing, sealed and in the perfect conditions, and original invoice.

Before sending back the material, customer should report it to Kalkum Ezquerra S.L. and customer will be informed by Kalkum Ezquerra S.L. how to return the items. Kalkum Ezquerra S.L. will not accept any transport, taxes etc charges in case customer does not follow the good return information issued by Kalkum Ezquerra S.L.

2.- If the aim of the refund is that the product does not satisfy the customer, Kalkum Ezquerra will send a repayment but the transport and packing costs and also the refund costs will be on the customer’s account.

All the refunds should be done with the original packing, sealed and in the perfect conditions, and original invoice.


Kalkum Ezquerra S.L. reserves the right of ownership for the shipment until all debt claims are settled.


- All the supplied material has passed the guarantee controls done by Kalkum Ezquerra S. L. All our products are guaranteed for faults in the materials whenever they have correctly been used and kept.

- Kalkum Ezquerra S.L.´s guarantee is only limited to the cost of the supplied article itself, but not to the losses or profit losses that the use of defective products can cause.


- Transport costs will be on the customer´s account.

- Repairs estimate budged will be done in accordance with the detected anomalies. If in the meantime, new anomalies are found, a new estimate budged will be sent to the customer for its in writing approval or rejection.

- Kalkum Ezquerra has the right to modify the technical conditions and the prices indicated in this catalogue according to production availability and stock, without notice.

- The law of the kingdom of Spain applies. The competent jurisdiction for any disagreement or lawsuit will correspond to the Court house in Haro - La Rioja (SPAIN).


- For purposes of this document the following circumstances shall be considered circumstances of Force Majeure: war, riot and civil disturbance, explosion, accidents and averages, strikes or other organised actions, delinquency, restriction or stoppage of custom-houses function and disasters caused by weather influences (earthquake, floods, windstorms, rains, blizzards and fires), as well as cases when the Seller could not get permit necessary or performance, although it was properly demanded.

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