Polígono Ind. Fuenteciega 
Los Fresnos 102. 26200 Haro 
La Rioja - SPAIN 
Tel. +34 941 313082 
Fax +34 941 313074 
Apdo. (P.O.Box) 76 

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We only deliver to EU Countries, except for Spain

<a href="with-handle">Magnifying glasses with handle</a><br> <a href="with-stand">Magnifying glasses with stand</a><br> <a href="eyeball">Eyeball magnifying glasses</a><br> <a href="folding">Folding magnifying glasses</a><br> <a href="linen-testers">Linen testers</a><br> <a href="with-light"> Magnifying glasses with light</a><br> <a href="jointed-lamps">Jointed lamps</a><br> <a href="with-headband">Magnifying glasses with head-band</a><br>

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