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We only deliver to EU Countries, except for Spain

<a href="school-model">Vernier calipers – School model</a><br> <a href="monoblock">Vernier calipers – Professional monoblock model</a><br> <a href="high-quality">Vernier calipers – High Quality Monoblock model</a><br> <a href="lef-hand-model">Vernier calipers – Left-hand monoblock model</a><br> <a href="depth-bases">Vernier calipers – Depth base</a><br> <a href="marking-vernier-calipers">Marking Vernier calipers</a><br> <a href="groove-model">Vernier calipers – Groove model</a><br> <a href="plastic-model">Vernier calipers – Plastic model</a><br> <a href="without-fine-adjustment">High precision vernier calipers without fine adjustment</a><br> <a href="fine-adjustment">High precision vernier calipers with fine adjustment</a><br> <a href="with-points">High precision vernier calipers with points</a><br> <a href="economical-model">Economical vernier calipers</a><br> <a href="long-jaw">High precision vernier calipers – Long jaw model</a><br> <a href="knife-points">High precision vernier calipers – Knife points model</a><br> <a href="precision-shrinkage">High precision vernier calipers – Precision shrinkage model</a><br> <a href="sets">Measures set</a><br> <a href="aluminium-model">Aluminium Calipers</a><br> <a href="depth">Depth calipers</a><br> <a href="dial">Dial calipers</a><br> <a href="gear">Gear calipers</a><br> <a href="hole">Hole calipers</a><br> <a href="tyre-depth">Tyre depth calipers</a><br> <a href="digital-vernier-calipers">Digital vernier calipers</a><br> <a href="extra-quality">Digital calipers – Extra Quality model</a><br> <a href="IP67">Digital IP67 Calipers</a><br> <a href="high-precision">Digital high precision Vernier calipers</a><br> <a href="digital-depth-calipers">Digital depth calipers</a><br> <a href="digital-scales">Digital escales</a><br> <a href="columbus-model">Columbus model calipers</a><br> <a href="tesa">Tesa calipers</a><br> <a href="hp-helios-preisser">Calipers Helios- Preisser</a><br> <a href="left-handed-caliper">Left handed digital Caliper</a><br>

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